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Tronic Presents Curated Marketplace in Web3.0 to Help Creators Monetize Artworks

The rise and demand for NFTs have given many digital artists opportunities to showcase their talent. Still, the problem is in monetizing their work and finding the right avenue for their genius. Seeing how many creators struggle to enter the Web3.0 space, Tronic created a solution that features top drops and top artists and utilizes next-gen tools in the marketplace to enable artists and brands to reach their goals in the bright Web3.0 future.

Tronic is a customer-centric Web3.0 company that wholeheartedly believes in the potential of blockchain technology as one of the strongest assets anyone can have in the future. As the Web3.0 ecosystem expands every day, more artists are aiming to stake their claim on the NFT industry, and Tronic aims to be part of their journey in entering the new digital frontier. The platform is dedicated to helping individuals and brands make a smooth entrance and transition into the Web3.0 space through partnerships and projects that are fair, useful, sensible, and will continually move everyone forward.

Tronic is launching a curated marketplace with a wide variety of digital art, beginning with its own drop called Tronic Pass, a collection that targets broth hardcore collectors who want to access new drops and artists who want to access the developer tools Tronic is currently producing. In addition, the creators shared that there is a long list of holder benefits awaiting those who get Tronic Pass, but the most exciting one is the lifetime access to the platform’s game-changing creator tools to help creators build and market their future drops. 

Besides Tronic Pass, Tronic will feature collections made by some of the most creative minds in the digital art landscape today, from world-renowned tattoo artists to sought-after modern artists and everything in between. Some of the future drops include projects called BLR$!, Averse, Art of the Everyday, Creatures of Notoriety, At A Glance, Windbags, Twos Day, Trading Faces, Come Play, Panther Phobia, Sacred Panther, and Colorful Creatures.

“We are doing drops that range from the fun and playful to the hardcore, utility-focused. The premier first drop from Tronic is Tronic Pass. It will be our signature project and allow access for holders to all the new tools we are building this year as well as early access to news about new drops and whitelist spots,” the creators revealed. 

The Tronic marketplace is created for everyone, but the creators especially want to reach out to beginners who are just starting out on their journey in the Web3.0 industry. Tronic aims to guide newcomers who want to collect blockchain art in making the best investment decisions. Hence, Tronic is dedicated to making transactions simple and understandable for any user level to fully grasp.

“Tronic is building a better way to create, manage, distribute, and monetize creators’ visions in the NFT market. To help enable mass adoption of this new medium through active investment into creators of novel drop concepts, we are creating tooling, Tronic Platform Services, to help onboard creators in more effective and efficient ways, and creating fair and symbiotic sustainable relationships,” the creators said. 

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.

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