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TrueFanz Is the Industry Leader in Providing Unparalleled Opportunity to Content Creators

TrueFanz is a platform that enables content creators to post content and GET PAID. This is made possible through the innovative features / functionality on TrueFanz. Creators generate earnings by converting their followers on other social media platforms, into paying subscribers (fanz). Creators make a base income through charging their fanz a subscription (usually $9.99), and then make the bulk of their income through upsells like paid live streams, unlockable content folders, premium posts, and more.

Bringing to the table years of knowledge and expertise about content creation, the developers behind TrueFanz believe in building features based off of what creators actually want. True to this, TrueFanz has never been one to rely on cookie-cutter ideas, preferring instead to focus on innovation and setting the standard.

“We’ve been in constant communication with both our team and our creators. It’s been a challenge behind the scenes, but we’ve put a lot of energy into tweaking the entire TrueFanz app into something that really supports the user experience.” shared co-founder Tim Branyan.

The TrueFanz platform has already established itself as a rapidly rising global authority in the content creation industry, by providing creators and their fanz with the most cutting-edge features and functionalities. Recently, pre-beta testing was done, where people were able to have a brief glimpse of the TrueFanz App, which will be launching in the app store soon. In addition, a demonstration of the user interface was shown, which included details of live events, pay-per-view, the “vault,” as well as a scrollable menu where creators can easily access their bank statements, earning statistics, and other important analytics.

Furthermore, TrueFanz also takes into consideration that different people use different devices. The platform is available on mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. and seamlessly adapts to these devices.

There are numerous features that distinguish the TrueFanz platform from its competitors, but perhaps, its exclusivity is what has piqued the people’s interest. TrueFanz is an “invite only” platform for creators. When content creators apply, their application is reviewed to ensure that they are a right fit for TrueFanz.

TrueFanz supplies creators with a safe  environment, where they can be free from any “negative stigma.” With TrueFanz, everyone has the freedom and flexibility to post their creative work.

At the core of TrueFanz is its aim to foster connectivity, creativity, and expression. Accordingly, the application is rigid in its policies against harassment, pornography, violent or graphic content, and copyright infringement.

The team behind the TrueFanz app is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and is committed to continuing the development and innovation of the platform, to ensure that they remain the logical choice for creators and fanz across the world.Learn more about TrueFanz by visiting its website.

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