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Up-And-Coming NFT Project Meta Skellies Prepares to Release Genesis Collection

In a nutshell, the crypto industry and NFT space are confined to the virtual sphere. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are only limited to metaverse applications. In fact, over time, more intuitive individuals are finding ways to incorporate the technology with real-world benefits. As a testament to this, the highly promising NFT project Meta Skellies.

Proudly announcing its top-tier utilities, the venture’s developers shared, “Our Skellies are 100% unique with varying traits. Owning a Skelly will also allow you to receive passive income in the form of Skelly Tokens generated from DeFi staking, use the Skelly Tokens in the Skellies Ecosystem, and allow holders to participate in the Skellies Festival, which is a one-week event after the initial drop.”

They went on to add, “Holders are invited to the Private Skellies Holder club, which would grant access to channels and IRL events. Also, in the future, holders will be the first informed about future developments of the project. Our team aims to create a platform where non-utility NFTs could be utilized in a brand-new way.”

As the brilliant team behind Meta Skellies has exhaustively explained, there is definitely no shortage of incredible benefits and advantages that await the venture’s community. But at the same time, it is not just utility-based. It also honors one of the crucial aspects of NFTs: the art.

The collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens contains several traits and elements that are completely hand-drawn. Each unique attribute is inspired by various cultures and places across the world. The creation of these exquisite pieces is carefully monitored from start to finish, thus ensuring its unrivaled quality. Using a custom algorithm, the venture produces one-of-a-kind characters with varying rarities.

Depending on the rarity of a minted token, its holder will get different levels of benefits and rewards. According to Meta Skellies’ roadmap, its first collection is scheduled for release in May this year. On top of that, numerous airdrops and giveaways will be conducted as the project’s way to celebrate together with its community. Of course, holder rewards will also be distributed in the coming months.

In the long-term, the enterprise also plans to drop a second collection with a distinct degenerative concept and brand-new designs. By owning both an OG Skelly and a Degen Skelly, token holders will be able to increase their holding rewards, which will then scale their earning potential. 

Because of its impressive concept and well-thought-out execution plan, the project has captured the attention of NFT enthusiasts and collectors. In addition, its tight-knit community of like-minded individuals can often be seen interacting through different channels, including Twitter and Instagram, as well as its dedicated Discord server.

As Meta Skellies continues to make progress, it effectively solidifies its reputation as one of the most promising collections in the NFT space. As such, interested parties should stay tuned as the emerging venture makes its way to the top of the industry. Above all, the creators remain faithful to its vision: “We are Meta Skellies, we are different.”

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