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Upcoming NFT Project Degen Ape Strike Club Connects the Digital and Reality Through Its Innovative Features

The past decade has welcomed many technological innovations that would later introduce the world to new concepts that would revolutionize the world. Leading the frontline is cryptocurrency, which not only shook the digital space upon its introduction but also opened the doors for other innovations to occur like the NFT or non-fungible tokens. 

While NFTs have been around as long as cryptocurrency, they only started to surge in popularity this year, spawning hundreds of projects in the digital space. Joining the fray is the up-and-coming Degen APE Strike Club. 

Degen APE Strike Club is a collection of unique characters that are set to play sports in the Metaverse and blockchain stadiums. These Metaverse land stadiums will serve as a staking place to earn STRK. The project utilizes pixel art with a highly diverse range of human activities. Each APE is engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts (artworks) that express the author’s imaginative and technical skills. While conceptualizing the token, the artist expressed his desire to create works that can be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power over holders and prospective holders.

While the avatar is designed with a sports-inspired aesthetic, the team behind the project developed each token to carry seven traits to ensure no two APEs are the same. It has a time AND trade analytic feature that sets and updates boost traits according to the trade count and STRK balance of the holders. 

Degen APE’s crowning glory that helps set it apart from other projects is its feature to support NFT staking to earn STRK real trade on centralized exchange. The tokens also have the ability to connect to the Facebook Metaverse to merge virtual life with real life, creating endless strike sports playgrounds for holders and Facebook users. 

As the project continues to develop, the team has already set out a roadmap with rewards upon reaching milestones. There will be NFT staking to earn STRK, with a companion NFT airdrop to holders. Additionally, the NFT characters (in-game characters that carry membership cards) will be allowed to participate in Strike games that use STRK in the game. Eventually, Degen APE will open an NFT merchandise store to allow holders to accessorize their tokens.

Currently, the project holds a collection of 6,500 tokens with 200 collaboration giveaways and 100 for sale giveaways.  The collection will also include 20 extremely rare tokens, two of which will be for sale; three for community and contest prizes for BAYC, Billionaire Ape, and Cool Cats collaborations; and fifteen for a legendary auction for community treasury. 

The Strike Club will also be giving back to the community. Having started from the bottom, the team is dedicated to staying true to their roots by giving back $50,000 or 1,000 STRK to a reputable charity picked by the community on an online poll in their Discord server.

Learn more about the Degen APE Strike Club by visiting their official website. Join them on Discord and Twitter.

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