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Vijay Sheth: Building 8 Figure Wealth With Exotic Vehicles

Vijay Sheth is an American entrepreneur and the founder of PCH Exotics, a nation-wide exotic car rental company. Sheth has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and strives to continue improving in every aspect of his life. Read on to learn how Vijay went from zero to a net worth of over $25 million while still in his 20s.

Growing Up

Vijay hails from an immigrant family in southern California and has built his fortune without leveraging family connections or receiving inheritance. At the age of 12, Sheth opened a custodial account which he started depositing his early entrepreneurial profits into, managing his investments on his own accord. Fast forward to high school and Vijay was already building credit by paying to be an authorized user on people’s credit cards if they had a FICO score exceeding 800. Throughout his education, Sheth had a hard time socializing with his peers and fitting in. This led to bullying, fights, and constant stress for Vijay. This started a years-long process where Vijay dedicated countless hours into improving his social skills, leading to him now being extremely personable and able to connect with anyone. After high school, Sheth worked various jobs, bought and sold numerous cars, made his first real estate purchase, and developed himself as a professional. 

PCH Exotics

Fast forward to 2021 and Vijay was looking to finally realize his dream of owning an exotic car rental business. The opportunity and timing seemed perfect, so Sheth took the leap and founded PCH Exotics — initially operating only in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Today, PCH Exotics provides customers with exotic vehicles for rent in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, New Jersey, Atlanta, Scottsdale, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. Vijay worked vigorously to build PCH Exotics up to its current state; the company now owns the largest exotic car rental fleet in the world, totalling 83 exotic vehicles — 112 if you factor the rare collector cars, luxury SUVs, and sport cars into the mix. The fleet is worth over $25 million itself and Vijay is only looking to expand that — although he emphasizes that he is deleveraging and only expanding using current cash flow. A big factor in PCH Exotics’ success is Sheth’s driven mentality and passion for giving his customers an experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the world. From the first phone inquiry to the customer checking the vehicle back in, Vijay and his team work hard to ensure that the process is smooth and hassle free for his clientele. 

Other Ventures

While Vijay is dedicated to PCH Exotics, as a serial entrepreneur he owns businesses and invests in companies in other sectors as well as the automotive industry. Some of these include a body shop, ecommerce businesses, a car wash, auto shops, property management company and more. Sheth also has an interest in real estate and is looking to finalize the purchase of his third property. With a hand in all these industries, it is hard to tell what Sheth’s next moves will be, but they will certainly be done with success in mind. 

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