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Why Staking Pool vEmpire Stands Out, Launches NFTs and Play-to-Earn Game in Metaverse

Cryptocurrency was once a foreign idea for many, but as the world welcomes more practical uses for the digital currency, such as using it for real-time payment, people became keener in learning more about it. The crypto ecosystem is continually growing, with various coins released by the minute. But it’s not every day that a rare platform like vEmpire is launched. 

vEmpire allows cryptocurrency traders and investors to stake on their unique platform. The coin is currently among the top 550 coins in the virtual landscape. The platform presents a 200% growth in investments, making it all the more an exciting venture for crypto enthusiasts.

There are currently around 172,699,932.116 VEMP tokens available in circulation. All the tokens combined have reached the value of over $75 million, and the number continues to grow exponentially. VEMP coins have significantly grown to over 700% of their original value since their launching, portraying great promise of success for years to come.

On top of its incredible growth and massive success as a staking platform, one of vEmpire’s latest ventures is stirring up the metaverse with its unique play-to-learn system. vEmpire will be launching a collection of trading card NFTs along with a game staged in the metaverse where players will be able to use their tokens and coins to win and earn.

The two-player virtual card trading game will allow both NFT holders and players who do not own tokens to participate, thus making it accessible for all. This challenges the idea of exclusivity when it comes to previously conceptualized interactive games in the metaverse where creators only allow players with their NFTs.

“We have designed the game and boosts so that a skilled player without the NFTs will still be able to beat most NFT owning players. The NFT makes the owner ‘The House,’ giving them a slight advantage, which means over the long run, they will certainly be some of the most profitable players, but they will still be beaten,” explained the founders.

With its free for all system, vEmpire is encouraging more gamers to enter the metaverse and earn enough to also give them the opportunity to be NFT owners themselves in the future, thus growing the entire cryptocurrency community at large.

Furthermore, vEmpire will be facilitating the staking of metaverse tokens on its platform at DeFiesque staking pools, where the founders will be paying a yield to their own VEMP tokens. The tokens will then be utilized and redistributed in various forms, such as buying more land in the metaverse or acquiring more assets to grow vEmpire’s NFT portfolio. The profits will also be redistributed to the stakers.

“Not only does our collection and cards look awesome and are hand-painted. They also have actual utility within our play-to-earn game,” the founders explained. “Players will almost certainly earn back every cent spent on the NFTs with the long-term advantage it will bring them in our game. For this reason, and because the crypto and NFT market is very short-sighted, once the utility and advantage are realized, they will undoubtedly rise in value,” they added further.

To learn more about vEmpire and its unique play-to-learn system, visit their website and discord server.

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