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Zodiac NFT Set to Bring Value to Their Community through Income-Generating Art

If something as simple and old-fashioned as art has shown us anything, it’s that the potential for technology to bring about change is truly limitless. Non-fungible tokens are one such example: they allow collectors of all types—from avid sports memorabilia fans to furniture aficionados—to own pieces which authenticate their personal collections in ways never before possible with traditional methods alone!

The founders of Zodiac are taking NFTs to the next level by creating an immersive experience for holders in their Meta Museum. The art itself isn’t just paintings or sculptures; it’s interactive pieces that come alive when you walk through them, with 3D art instead of the traditional ones. While it seems like an impossible task, the creators have assured that it is more than possible, as the right technology has existed for years; this creative pursuit is simply making the most of the reliable technology that is already available.

The Meta Museum will be a museum built in the metaverse. As an immersive 3d experience, holders will be able to experience art like never before—with impressive art, soundtracks to set the tone, and audio to tell a story. “It’s not just a gallery, it’s an experience,” the creators explained. 

The Meta Museum will showcase the Zodiac NFT collection, but it won’t stop there. Like other popular art museums, it’s looking to gain partnerships with other creators who want their tokenized works to be transformed into something beautiful and showcased at this venue. They will choose the top NFTs to partner with, which are either investment level NFTs or those in the Top 10 in 7 Days on OpenSea.

This exciting new way to view art and collaborate with other collections is indeed revolutionary. And the possibilities for this museum to generate revenue are limitless. Once they’ve succeeded with the partnerships, they will open up land sales to the public to display their own 3D art, which will give many people a chance to showcase their talents on the metaverse.

Refusing to be confined by just that, the team is thinking about going even further with the museum. There are plans to open up a 3D Experience Gallery in Las Vegas, NY, which will display top art in VR format. Guests can walk through the museum while wearing VR goggles and a headset. Entering a large, empty room, they will be able to view different pieces of art in person, each coming with their own unique experiences. The project will also open a Meta Auction House, where other 3D NFTs will be auctioned off and sold. 

Holders of the Zodiac NFT will benefit immensely from the project. Everything about the project will gain them profit. For one, they are free to resell the NFTs and they’ll have free access to any of the online or in-person 3D experiences. They will also gain profit from the Museum and the Auction House, as all revenue will be shared with the community and holders. As if that’s not enough, holders will also be whitelisted, gaining them early access to future drops and partner collections.

Learn more about the Zodiac NFT collection by visiting its website and Discord server.

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