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Jason Pierce and Chronic® Athletics Are Going Green by Using Hemp Waste for Award-Winning Skis and Snowboards

Building an active lifestyle is essential for one to live life to the fullest. Chronic® Athletics have spent years perfecting innovative and technology-forward action sports equipment to help people maximize their potential. Leading the movement is founder and CEO Jason Pierce. Moving forward with their goal to save the planet while making innovative ski and snowboard equipment, Chronic® Athletics is launching another green product called the Chronic® Hemp Core™ 2023 Initiative.

The new product is redefining how sports action companies are producing their goods as it actively impacts the environment by eliminating 1.63 tons of carbon for every ton of hemp it uses. In addition, Chronic® Hemp Core™ 2023 Initiative allows Chronic® Athletics to move away from wood-based materials and develop the first USA-grown skis and snowboards made from industrial hemp. 

Chronic® Athletics has partnered with World Hemp Organization to further its initiative and continually turn away from inorganic materials by the end of 2023. The partnership sets the bar higher for other sports action brands to pursue greener practices. It also ensures that Chronic® Athletics will be producing stronger and lighter skis and skateboards without compromising the health of the environment.

Chronic® Athletics is the leading American brand for innovation and emerging technologies in action sports. The company is the official ski supplier to the US Army legendary 10th mountain division. Its award-winning and innovative Chronic® Rocky 105cct D-series have also gained recognition as Colorado’s Finest, beating ten other leading name brands.

Jason Peirce is recognized for revolutionizing the ski industry with his innovative designs. The founder and CEO built Chronic® Athletics out of his passion for reliable action sports equipment and fashionable, long-lasting sports goods. Currently seen as the leading proponent for green technology in action sports, Jason is indeed a force to reckon with. He is grounded in unparalleled beliefs, filled with creative ideas, and is set on adding value to others’ lives through innovation and design.

“Our goal is to make your experience better. Adding value to your outdoor experience is our main objective,” explained the CEO. “We are constantly challenging the status quo in everything we do.” Jason and his team have developed programs fit for both beginners and seasoned professionals. They want people to feel welcomed into their circle and gain the same joy they find in building a habitually active lifestyle. The programs are designed to make people feel excited about fitness, excel in sports, and remain enthusiastic about physical activities for a lifetime. 

“Why follow the herd when you were born to be a star? Express your individualism and stand out from the crowd with unmatched performance and style,” said Jason Pierce. With the recent move to follow environmentally sound practices, Chronic® Athletics is also giving individuals a choice to use greener alternatives without worrying about quality and design. The innovation and creativity are still there. Only this time, Chronic® is going greener, and the company ensures that there’s no turning back.

To learn more about Jason Pierce and Chronic® Athletics, visit their website.

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