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Making Profits as an Online Seller: How Spouse-ly Is Currently Helping Modern-Day Military Entrepreneurs Thrive and Earn Income

The age of digital shopping is now, and online transactions are multiplying at a rate faster than ever before.

With many online e-commerce platforms raising their fees, sellers worldwide are beginning to worry about the future of their small businesses. In a market dominated by giants such as Amazon, higher costs of operations have the power to drastically affect profitability 

Competition is fierce, and a lower price tag can easily result in the loss of a sale. 

Offering a solution to this problem, Spouse-ly, an online marketplace to shop for a wide variety of products and services created by military & first responder families, is making sure that low fees remain a constant variable that they can rely on. 

Spearheaded by Monica Fullerton, an entrepreneur and Air Force spouse listed on the Forbes Next 100 list and the MIGHTY 25 list by We Are The Mighty as one of the most influential leaders supporting the military community, its objective is simple. 

“Building and growing a multi-vendor marketplace is very complex and I know firsthand that the costs can be high but at the end of the day it’s about building a community of like-minded makers, creators, and entrepreneurs that can support one another in both life and business and that is our community’s superpower,” says Monica. 

She adds, “We will continue to find other revenue-generating opportunities to always keep vendor costs as low as possible, we just recently launched Spouse-ly U powered by USAA Small Business Insurance which will be a great hub for ongoing tools and resources when it comes to growing your business on the go as well as providing our community with ways to grow and thrive.” 

Offering a wide range of product and service selections, their most impressive feature is their ability to shine the spotlight on the amazing, skilled, and driven business owners that sell on their platform. 

“Our mission at Spouse-ly is to offer quality products and services from military and first-responder families. Spouse-ly is a community championing and supporting one another while we’re on the move,” states the company on their website. 

With vendors that are military and first responder family makers, creators, and entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of inspiring stories. These hardworking individuals deserve to be seen for who they truly are – innovators and fighters

Creating connections, and a community like no other, Monica Fullerton is showing the world that modern-day military families can do it all. 

Spouse-ly’s goal is to help and support the entrepreneurs that come to the site, and to enable a sustainable way for them to make income, and scale their businesses to a new level. Putting people first is non-negotiable. It is through their one-of-a-kind marketplace that anyone can shop small and make a big impact!
Curious to take a look at what Spouse-ly offers? Visit their website today to discover motivational stories, products, services, and more!

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