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Molly BZ: Woman-owned Enterprise Shakes Up the Business World

Success does not always happen in a fell swoop. Sometimes, it happens after a series of failures, and it takes a determined mind to reach a thriving destination after experiencing setbacks and obstacles. This describes Molly Blakeley’s journey as she went from one bad deal to become the owner of a premium gourmet cookie brand, Molly BZ.

Molly Blakeley established Molly BZ in July 2018 and has turned it into a profitable brand that has become many people’s favorite. Molly Blakeley has had many businesses in her name as a seasoned entrepreneur. However, she got a rude awakening when things took a turn, and her finances took a massive hit. In her bid to make a recovery, she launched Molly BZ, which has done more than help her get back on her feet but made her a worthy entrepreneur to watch out for. “I was down to my final $150 as a single mom, and I decided that I was done doing small things. I began to think about how to turn my $150 into $150 million, which gave birth to this national and global cookie brand. I came up with Molly BZ with the experience of starting and selling, or even failing, over 14 brick and mortars over the years in a rural town in Alaska. So, if I could do all that, doing this is not impossible,” Molly said.

Since its inception, Molly BZ has been an inspiring brand. It started from Molly’s home and went through a struggle before things picked up after three months. The brand went from near-zero sales to 20 dozen cookies a week and then 45 dozen cookies daily. Now, the growth has become astronomical to the point where it makes thousands of cookies every few hours. Ghirardelli™ has also endorsed the brand as the chocolate used in the cookies. In fact, its brand name is slapped on Molly BZ’s packaging. Molly BZ also got featured in Forbes’ “Top 150 Startups in 2019.”

The gourmet cookie has become many people’s favorite because of its yummy chocolatey goodness in every bite. It is also miles ahead of its competition, made of plain cookies sprinkled with many things. The infusion of 20% of Ghirardelli chocolate, nuts, bacon and cereal makes the product one that suits Molly’s goal of creating something everyone can enjoy. Over the last four years, Molly BZ has sold in four countries and has over a hundred locations.

Molly Blakeley’s goal for the future is to reach 2000 locations. It also signed a deal with an airline and sold cookies worth $30,000 within eight minutes on a popular TV shopping channel. Molly BZ’s products can be found in over a hundred boutique shops and all Great Wolf Resorts, Amazon, Snack Magic, Faire, QVC, Man Crates, Touch of Modern, Zulily and Dallas Cloud Kitchens. It has also been featured on the Wheel of Fortune Prize Wheel and in the Oscar and the International Emmy gift bags.

The brand seems to be on course with its goal of getting to every part of the world, and Molly Blakeley herself remains committed to that goal. “We are the first gourmet single-pack cookie on big-box stores’ shelves which is a big deal for me. With many more milestones to cross, I’m so excited for the future,” Molly Blakeley expressed.

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