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Strategic Advisor Board Brings Two Centuries of Expertise to Revolutionize the Service Industry

Professional service companies thrive on providing their clients with knowledge and strategies to help their businesses succeed. However, some firms charge high fees and yield mediocre results, putting the client at a loss. The situation created a gap visible in several sectors and industries, but rather than sit around and watch, a group of professionals and experts banded together to develop a brand solution that could address the issue. The union gave birth to the Strategic Advisor Board, a collective of active “working” CEOs who share the goal of scaling their clients’ businesses.

Founded by seasoned CEO Jason Miller, Strategic Advisor Board consists of individuals who boast a combined two centuries of business, mentorship, and strategic planning. The team’s unique experience brings ten times more to the table than the typical consulting firm, establishing the gap between them (the wolves) and others (the sheep). 

“We have worked very hard to go left when everyone has gone right and strive to be on the “leading edge” of business,” said Jason, “Most companies strive to run the “cutting edge,” but that’s where it’s safe. We are always innovating on the “leading edge” as a company to find the newest strategies that are adaptable to today’s environment, not environments of the past or overused strategies that don’t compliment every business model.”

Strategic Advisor Board is highly focused on their clients, helping them execute strategies as fast as possible in an ever-changing environment. The team’s experience gives them a profound understanding of what the clients need: special attention, the suitable systems and processes to scale and grow, and a good team. As a result, the SAB team possesses all the qualities that anyone from any industry could need.

Strengthened by their passion for helping business owners move from working for their business to making the business work for them, the SAB team helps clients find clarity, direction, and focus on supercharging their results and fall in love with their business like never before. “Our expertise is second to none when it comes to removing the barriers that impede success,” said founder Jason Miller.

Although they are a strategic firm, SAB often gets associated as a consulting firm. However, what sets the company apart is its pride in working only on a results basis. Companies that work with them often find themselves at an advantage due to SAB’s policy of refusing payment unless they can help increase their revenue, a feat no other company in their industry can match. Strategic Advisor Board is the only brand that operates on a 100% results basis.

Jason Miller’s decision to create Strategic Advisor Board came from witnessing businesses struggle over the years. He learned that he was not alone as other business owners shared the same concern, prompting him to invite them to create a solution. “We are very passionate about helping business owners fall in love with their business again and start working smarter instead of harder,” he said, “The end goal is to create a work-life balance that supports their family plan.”

Jason and Strategic Advisor Board’s short-term goal is to close 2021 with a bang, helping as many companies realize the profits they have been leaving on the table and guiding them to overcome their challenges. Their long-term goal is to revolutionize how businesses operate and create a “community” based business model that supports local and regional communities.Learn more about the Strategic Advisor Board by visiting their official website.

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