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How Steven Phillippe Persevered to Build His Brand and Rewrite His Family’s History

Success is never achieved overnight. Entrepreneur and author Steven Phillippe knows it all too well. He has spent years building a brand, with the goal of freeing himself from living as an employee in corporate America and achieving financial independence. Backed by eight years of experience in the sales industry, Steven is now a force to reckon with, and he is on the lookout for the next company and entrepreneur to help them reach great heights.

Steven Phillippe is a man of humble beginnings. He watched his mother and father work tirelessly to provide for their family. He witnessed how his parents persevered and even saw his father cry while admitting that he did not know how their family of six would survive. “That’s when I realized I didn’t want to feel that pain they had for us ever again,” shared Steven. 

On a mission to change their family’s history, Steven Phillippe juggled his energy working 60 to 70 hours a week and going to school. Throughout those years of his life, Steven shared that he was never truly happy. He knew deep down that he was meant to do something else. Eventually, he found the answers he’s always been looking for when he decided to invest in personal development. Steven began the transformational journey by attending conferences. Soon enough, he has scaled his skills and expertise.

Zooming into years later, Steven Phillippe found himself along the same alley with some of the most prominent, best-selling authors. He has published books with celebrities Les Brown, Johnny Wimbrey, and Nik Halik.

During the first year of his run in the sales industry, Steven Phillippe was able to pull in nearly $100,000 in profits and helped companies reach their six-figure mark. Steven is a master when it comes to the art of tonality and persuasion in sales, and his ability to train others to excel in the same field sets him apart.

“Compete with yourself every day,” shared Steven Phillippe. “You wake up to be a little better than you were yesterday, and you will continue to grow each and every day at whatever you do.”

Besides building his brand, Steven Phillippe was also able to build a massive online following. He currently has over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone. The entrepreneur also reaches audiences to share his knowledge by writing for Entrepreneur Magazine, giving him even more credibility to help business owners grow their ventures and empower individuals from all walks of life. Steven aims to write for Forbes in the future.

In five years, Steven Phillippe aims to elevate his brand to meet greater heights. He also wants to help more companies and individuals on their journey towards growth. “I will continue to raise the bar by continuing to lead by example through producing more income and value for other brands. In five years, I will be one of the biggest influencers in the world, and I will expand my writing abilities and knowledge to other major brands all over the world,” the entrepreneur said. “Companies and individual brands will have one more valuable person that they can consistently trust and rely on to succeed in their craft at the highest level.”

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