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Zenith dental IT’s commitment to customer service sets it apart from competitors

These dental IT support solutions can help dentists in some of the most technical aspects of their operations, including cloud backup, data security, automation, and a competent anti-virus strategy. 

Information technology firm Zenith Dental IT knows the ins and outs of dentistry and IT sectors. The team fully understands and supports whichever project management software their clients are comfortable with, including well-known dental digital solutions like Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and more. 

According to the dental IT company, there are immediate benefits for dental companies when they leave the technological legwork to experts like Zenith Dental IT: 

Keeping records safe

The safe and secure storage of patient records is one of a dental practice’s most crucial duties. Dental practitioners can be sure that their data is stored and safeguarded with Zenith Dental IT’s hosted email encryption and secure cloud backup.

Ensuring HIPAA compliance
Dental offices must strictly abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to safeguard private data and patient health information. Dental practices can comply with the current legal requirements and put effective plans into place with the help of an IT provider specializing in dental IT services.

Improving security

Dental professionals can be anywhere in the world and still be assured that they have full control over their practice. Through Zenith Dental IT’s remote access, doctors of dental medicine can conveniently and safely access their data secured in the cloud.

Increasing productivity

Dentists can significantly increase the output of their practice by automating tasks that would otherwise require human labor or trusting an entirely different team with the technical work that should not take up their time. With a dedicated dental IT team that offers a 24/7 helpline, dentists can concentrate on what they do best – providing the finest dental care. 

Topnotch Dental IT support

Other than enhancing the business model and ensuring that top-tier services are provided, dentists can also start focusing on other revenue-generating innovations. They are assured that the Zenith Dental IT experts are ready at a moment’s notice to assist should they have concerns or issues.

In fact, the dental tech company has received multiple praises for their outstanding customer support and how it stays true to its claim, “Our average success rate in resolving IT issues within the requested timeframe is 99.9%.” 

Dr Andrew Turchin, DMD shares, “the team is always there when we have an emergency as our busy dental office relies on our technology for almost every facet of our patient care. These guys know their stuff and care.”

About Zenith Dental IT

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Zenith Dental IT is the most reliable dental IT support provider in the dental industry. Their team is made up of highly skilled engineers who deeply understand dental technology and can offer leading-edge solutions to dentists across the country.

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