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The Counterintuitive Business Model: How Spencer Vann, Founder of Surplus Cashflow, is Helping Investors Thrive in an Economic Downturn

Spencer Vann
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Currently, there is a vast amount of unclaimed money waiting to be collected by millions of Americans. Some estimates suggest that over $100 billion of unclaimed funds are available for rightful owners to claim, where 1 in 10 Americans are owed unclaimed money.

Spencer Vann, founder of Surplus Cashflow, goes beyond just reuniting individuals with their unclaimed money. He partners with investors, offering a done-for-you process to help them create a 6-figure passive income stream, with the business model being 100% recession-proof. When lost money is sent back to its rightful owner, partners can collect a 4 or 5, or even 6-figure finders fee check.

Spencer has helped recover $500,000,000 in lost money through his previous education company,, which he launched in 2017 and taught over 5000 students his secrets.

Now, with Surplus Cashflow, on behalf of the investors, Spencer puts his team of acquisition specialists to work, who actively seek individuals who have unclaimed money. Each acquisition specialist is accountable for closing 4 deals per week, on an average of $2,000 per deal. This equates to $8,000 in gross income per week in projected income. 

To explain how money gets lost in the first place, Spencer states, “ Let’s say that State farm insurance owes John Smith $24,000 as part of a settlement. But for whatever reason, they can’t find John. Maybe he moved or maybe his phone number changed. The government temporarily holds the lost money until the rightful owner steps up to reclaim it.” 

Spencer goes on to state that because the government is not in the business of telling people they are owed money, this is how billions and billions of dollars remain stuck at government offices across the nation.

Investment returns are plummeting due to the recession, and mass layoffs abound. However, Surplus Cashflow is making more money than ever. The business model is simple: it does not require purchasing inventory, running, paying for advertising, creating a website, or selling anything. Instead, the company gives money away, which is why it is 100% recession-proof.

Spencer Vann’s whirlwind of success has recently caught the attention of Kevin Harrington, the original Shark from the hit show Shark Tank, who has started a new company, American Entrepreneur. Spencer was interviewed on March 13th by Kevin Harrington to discuss his case studies and how others can work with Surplus Cashflow to create a successful passive income stream. This interview will be broadcast on national television and distributed online to millions of viewers.

When the economy is down, Spencer states this his business goes up as more people want and need money. He states, “When the economy is up, people still need money. It’s not like people stop wanting money. This is a significant difference between us and Amazon businesses based on selling products that may or may not sell depending on the economic times.”

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