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Entrepreneur Brian Jaesung Kim’s Push to the Top

Brian Jaesung Kim is the President of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, a full service ecommerce automation company in Miami, Florida. Brian is the principal operator of DFY Ventures, a technology investment company aimed to help people grow their capital. Throughout his entire life, Brian has always had an incredibly strong entrepreneurial mindset. Kim’s upbringing has fueled his passion and drive throughout his life and his story is what makes Brian unique. 

Joint Ventures into Ecommerce

Recently, as Brian Jaesung Kim was running a business out of his living room, he left behind everything he knew with a one way ticket to Miami and nothing more than a duffel bag and backpack. Jaesung Kim had no idea where this journey would take him, but he knew it was an important next step in his life. After landing in Miami, Brian partnered up with Ecommerce expert Steve Ridzyowski and through hard work and dedication they tripled the company’s revenue in a matter of 45 days. Brian and Steve then reinvested all of their profits back into improving their business and this allowed them to establish one of the largest digital agencies in the world. 

Opportunity For All

Brian’s dedication to improve the ecommerce space has led to many long nights spent finding ways to change other people’s lives with automation the way it changed his. Jaesung Kim knows that he has a rare opportunity to do good by truly helping people and he fully intends to capitalize on it. Not only is Brian personally responsible for five ecommerce automation streams of his own, but he also invests in real estate and stocks. The countless hours Brian consistently puts in are charged by his inspiration to elevate others to a higher plane in life.

Future Growth In The Automation Space

Today Brian assists multiple businesses by taking on the role of an advisor to accelerate their growth and boost their value as organizations. He wants to help as many people as possible establish true financial freedom that allows them to lead a comfortable life. Brian is excited to utilize his experience as a serial entrepreneur to make change in the world. 

Future Growth & Aspirations

Brian has overcome an enormous amount of obstacles throughout his lifetime, and has learned an incredible amount about what it takes to be successful. Brian and Ecommerce Marketing Agency are all committed to going the extra mile and putting in the extra hours just to align with their client’s goals. Ecommerce Marketing Agency has a reputation as a reliable and responsive agency that is ready to assist their clients at all times. Moving forward, Brian and Ecommerce Marketing Agency have meaningful plans to generate more success for everyone around them. To learn more about Brian Jaesung Kim and his journey, click here.

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