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Love the Skin You’re In: 100% Female-Owned Skinovatio Medical Spa Makes a Statement in the Beauty Industry

The beauty revolution is here. Teaching men and women alike to love the skin they’re in. Beauty and confidence can only be achieved through self-love and self-acceptance, and Skinovatio Medical Spa knows this for a fact. This is why the esteemed medical cosmetic brand is pushing for more accessible, cutting-edge, non-invasive procedures for its esteemed clients who just want to look good and feel good. 

At this point in time, Skinovatio has become synonymous with the cosmetic industry. Established in 2015, Skinovatio Medical Spa is a franchise of premiere and modern beauty destinations that provides the most innovative aesthetic services in the world. The esteemed brand is the first medical spa franchise created in Illinois that is 100% female-owned. 

Created in 2015, Skinovatio Medical Spa Franchise is a premiere and modern beauty destination that provides the most innovative aesthetic services in the industry. Skinovatio Medical Spa is the first medical spa franchise created in Illinois and is a 100% women-owned business established by business partners Kat Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel. 

Kat and Aleksandra have been hard at work in sharing their passion for beauty and wellness. Throughout the seven years of Skinovatio Medical Spa, the empowered women have consistently provided their patients with the most innovative technologies in cosmetic medicine and the best customer service imaginable. 

Skinovatio Medical Spa is equipped with highly-trained medical practitioners and aesthetic specialists that utilize revolutionary techniques and proprietary therapies to help their clients enhance their natural beauty. Bringing out one’s inner beauty is an important aspect of the esteemed company, and through its cutting-edge technologies and expert professionals, Skinovatio brings the best out of its patients on demand.

Skinovatio Medical Spa has built a massive reputation in the beauty and cosmetics industry by offering quick, non-invasive, and virtually painless services to all its clients. Numerous satisfied customers have reported little to no downtime after the procedures, allowing them to get back on track, but this time feeling more beautiful than ever.

Driven by a passion for being the best in the industry, Kat and Aleksandra are constantly motivated by their relentless determination to improve the lives of others. Their ideals are fully embodied in Skinovatio Medical Spa, offering quick and accessible services that greatly enhance their patients’ quality of life.

Ultimately, patients who are looking for a drastic improvement in their lives should look no further than Skinovatio Medical Spa. The female-owned company is also open to all the empowered and driven women out there who want to share their vision in the cosmetic industry. By becoming part of the Skinovatio Medical Spa franchise, they too can create a future where people can enhance their natural beauty for all the world to see.

Without a doubt, Skinovatio Medical Spa is making an indelible mark in the beauty industry. With Ka and Aleksandra at the helm, there is no better time to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. There’s nowhere to go but up from here for the esteemed brand, and it’s truly exciting to see where the company will be in the years to come. 

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